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Warranty Information
Please note ~ A copy of the original invoice must be included with any item returned under warranty.




 Convertible Top Cylinders 


All Convertible Cylinders Direct's convertible top cylinders have a

7-year warranty - Lifetime warranty available 


DO NOT USE  BRAKE FLUID, it will void your warranty.

Convertible cylinders are NOT warranted against stripped threads,

dented tubes, bent rods, ballooned tubes, accidents or abuse.



Window Cylinders

All Convertible Cylinders Direct's  window cylinders have a  90 day warranty

DO NOT USE BRAKE FLUID, it will void your warranty. 

Window cylinders are NOT warranted against electric solenoid burn-out,

accident, abuse or if it contains contaminated fluid.



Convertible Cylinders Direct is not responsible for damages (including labor costs) due to misuse of any of our products.


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